Tax Services

O'Neal Consulting offers a full variety of tax servicesYour taxes are not simply a year-end task.  By treating them as an ongoing, individualized program, O’Neal Consulting has helped clients to minimize their tax burden and maximize profits. Whether you file as an individual, partnership, or corporation (a decision we can help you make), we’ll guide you to solutions that are compatible with your business needs.  Our tax services can help you:

  • Take advantage of all available tax incentives and credits.
  • Discover deductions you may have previously overlooked.
  • Remain on the IRS’s good side and comply with the numerous and ever-changing federal, state and local tax regulations.
  • Stay out of trouble by staying up-to-date with estimated and quarterly payments.
  • Get your personal finances in order through budgeting assistance, tax planning, and preparation of your family and individual returns.